The Freedom to Choose Your Official’s Apparel Supplier

As a sports official, you always have a lot on your mind.  Rules and recent changes, scheduled game – you know the deal.  On top of that it seems every year there is a state or association mandated change to your uniform.  Whether it’s a color change, logo change or something entirely new to add, it can be maddening to stay on track, to say the least.

college FB refs

To make matters worse in some cases, there is only one supplier you are allowed to go to for these changes or additions to your wardrobe.  Some of these sources are outlets that you are familiar with and like, others you never have done business with, and may not be sure of what to expect.   We at Smitteez know it’s a competitive landscape out there, and all of us suppliers would like to do as much business with associations as possible.   With that said, it sometimes makes things difficult if you are forced to do business with a supplier that charges over-the-top prices, or has less than dependable service and turn-arounds.   What’s an official to do?  What are your thoughts?  Please let us know what you think of assigned vendors for your association. We’d love to hear from you!

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